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The current summer collegiate version of the Okotoks Dawgs Baseball Club is a successor to one of the most successful youth development programs in Canada. Numerous Dawgs’ players have been selected in the amateur draft of Major League Baseball, earned scholarships to NCAA, Division 1 or top NAIA universities and colleges.

The following is a list of some of the players who have donned the uniform of the Calgary/Okotoks Dawgs Baseball Club:


Okotoks Dawgs Academy Alumni


Andrew Asselin                                            Colby Community College, KS 
Shaun Atamanchuk                                     Indian Hills Community College, IA
Jacob Bouzide                                             Colby Community College, KS
Logan Cameron                                           Northeastern Junior College, CO
Mike Clapperton                                          Chandler-Gilbert Community College, AZ
Nate Doleman                                             Ellsworth Community College, IA
Danny Donnelly                                           Chandler-Gilbert Community College, AZ
Soren Graversen                                         Indian Hills Community College, IA 
Clayton Keyes                                             Central Arizona Junior College, AZ 
Ryan Morgan                                               Colby Community College, KS
Brett Platts                                                    Southeastern Community College, IA
Greg Student                                                Mesa Community College, AZ
Will Undershute                                           Southeastern Community College, IA 


Aaron Bender                                               University of Calgary, AB
Zack Demchenko                                         Northeastern Junior College, CO
Brett Esau                                                      Frank Phillips College, TX
Dayne Fredland                                           Williston State Junior College, ND
Ryan Humeniuk                                            Indian Hills Community College, IA
Peter Hutzal                                                  Iowa Western Community College, IA
Ethan Jarvis                                                  Trinity International University, IL
Justin King                                                    Indian Hills Community College, IA
Quentin Kopjar                                              Pratt Community College, KS
Luke Lepine                                                   Northeastern Junior College, CO
Parker Maxwell                                              Minot State University, ND
Ryan Moroz                                                   Minot State University, ND
Ashton Roy                                                    Pratt Community College, KS
Jared Spearing                                             Indian Hills Community College, IA
Craig Spencer                                               MacMurray College, IL
Ben Thompson                                              Chandler-Gilbert Community College, AZ
Nathan Tovell                                                 Elmhurst College, IL
Phil Whelan                                                   Vancouver Island Baseball Institute, BC


Brendan Baker                                                Siena Heights University, MI
Justin Beaumont                                             Williston State College, ND
Marshal Burgess                                            University of Jamestown, ND
Nik Cardinal                                                    Mesa Community College, AZ
Graeme Cherry                                               Northeastern Junior College, CO
Chase Dreger                                                 Colby Community College, KS
Dallas Forno                                                   Our Lady Of The Lakes University, TX
Drake Kirkwood                                              Colby Community College, KS
Garrett Kirkwood                                             Colby Community College, KS
Alejo Lopez                                                     Arizona State University, AZ
Cole MacLaren                                               Colby Community College, KS
Ryley Overacker                                              Siena Heights University, MI
J.T. Patterson                                                  Northeastern Junior College, CO
Rafael Pinto                                                     Erie Community College, NY
Riley Rowland                                                 Williston State College, ND
Russell Strilchuk                                             Northeastern Junior College, CO
Nick Vickers                                                     Colby Community College, KS
Tim Waite                                                         Williston State College, ND


Rylie Guntrip                                                     Siena Heights University, MI
Spencer Horne                                                 Danville Area Community College, IL
Jayde Johnson                                                  University of Calgary, AB
Eric Junola                                                        Okanagan College, BC
Yuan Liu                                                            Northeastern Junior College, CO
Matt Lloyd                                                         Iowa Western Community College, IA
Carter Olive                                                      Prairie Baseball Academy, AB
Ryan Prockiw                                                    Okanagan College, BC
Eduardo Sanchez                                            Northeastern Junior College, CO
Dane Tofteland                                                 Indiana State University, IN
Carson Wlad                                                    Siena Heights University, MI


Doug Clapperton                                              University of Texas Permian Basin, TX
Layne Curry                                                      Prairie Baseball Academy, AB
Aaron Ethier                                                     Thompson Rivers University, BC
Brian Granton                                                   Colby Community College, KS
Josh Hillis                                                         Thompson Rivers University, BC
C.J. Lewington                                                  Southeast Illinois College, IL
Jake Shaw                                                        Northern Kentucky University, KY
Cole Slamko                                                     Spalding University, KY
Roberto Valdez                                                 Thompson Rivers University, BC


Wylie Cunningham                                          Salt Lake City Community College, UT
Jared Frew                                                       Okanagan College, BC
Eric Kahl                                                           Douglas College, BC
Brayden Monro                                                 Douglas College, BC
Blake Patterson                                               Spalding University, KY
Brendan Rose                                                  University of British Columbia, BC
Chris Shaw                                                       University of Oklahoma, OK
Kurtis Taylor                                                      Skagit Valley Community College, WA
Dakota Upton                                                   University of Calgary, AB
Ramon Valdez                                                  Barrie University, FL


Shawn Andersen                                              Douglas College, BC
Adam Clark                                                       Oklahoma City University, OK
Billy Clapperton                                                Gateway Community College, AZ
Brendan Either                                                 Jamestown University, ND
Jeremie Fagnan                                               Texas Christian University, TX
Brendan Hendricks                                          University of San Francisco, CA
Jordan Procyshen                                            Northern Kentucky University, KY
James Stewart                                                  University of British Columbia, BC


Matt Cowitz                                                       Thompson Rivers University, BC
Cody Dillabough                                               University of Pennsylvania, PA
Luke Frankiw                                                     Haverford College, PA
Bretton Gouthro                                                University of Mount Olive, NC
Thomas Hanley                                                McCook Community College, NE
Tyler Hollick                                                      Chandler-Gilbert Community College, AZ
Justin Lee                                                          Texas A&M Kingsville, TX
Danny Mackinnon                                             McCook Community College, NE
Alex Regan                                                        University of Mount Olive, NC
Brendan Reid                                                    Thompson Rivers University, BC
Adam Romaniuk                                               Prairie Baseball Academy, AB


Dan Gleason                                                     Prairie Baseball Academy, AB
Brody Irwin                                                         Prairie Baseball Academy, AB
Chris Van Keulan                                              University of Calgary, AB
Ryan Van Keulan                                               University of Calgary, AB


Zac Amy                                                             Orange Coast Community College, CA
Chris Boudier                                                    University of Calgary, AB
Rylan Chin                                                         Campbellsville University, KY
Braydon Regier                                                 Douglas College, BC


James Avery                                                      Niagara University, NY
Justin Cardinal                                                  Mesa Community College, AZ
Mik Dickson                                                       Hill College, TX / University of Nebraska-Kearny, NE
Travis Drader                                                    University of Louisiana – Monroe, LA
Emerson Frostad                                              Lewis & Clark State University / Texas Rangers, ID
Wil Gardner                                                       Prairie Baseball Academy, AB
Tom Gayaf                                                         University of Calgary, AB
Jim Henderson                                                 Midland College, TX / Tennessee Wesleyan University, TN
John Hurd                                                         College of Southern Idaho, ID
Frank Ingram                                                    Thompson Rivers University, BC
Matt Ircandia                                                     Washington State University, WA / Niagara University, NY
Vincent Ircandia                                                Niagara University, NY
Tahylor Law                                                       Prairie Baseball Academy, AB / Concordia University, CA
Kyle Mace                                                          Louisiana State University at Shreveport, LA
Jeff Mcdonald                                                   Prairie Baseball Academy, AB
Cam McLeod                                                    University of British Columbia, BC
Aren Nelson                                                      Valley City State University, ND
Tanner Osberg                                                 New York Mets
David Parker                                                     Eastern Oklahoma State College, OK
Greg Rice                                                         Midland College, TX
Aric Van Gaalen                                                St. Petersburg College, FL
Jeff Werhun                                                      University of California at Irvine, CA

Major League Baseball

James Avery                                                     Cincinnati Reds
Daniel Devonshire                                           Toronto Blue Jays
Emerson Frostad                                             Texas Rangers
Jim Henderson                                                 Milwaukee Brewers
Brendan Hendricks                                          Philadelphia Phillies
Tyler Hollick                                                      San Francisco Giants
John Hurd                                                         Chicago White Sox
Matt Ircandia                                                     San Francisco Giants
Alejo Lopez                                                       Cincinnati Reds
Jeff Mcdonald                                                   Colorado Rockies
Tanner Osberg                                                 New York Mets
David Parker                                                     Los Angeles Dodgers
Jordan Procyshen                                            Boston Red Sox
Chris Shaw                                                       Baltimore Orioles
Aric Van Gaalen                                               Toronto Blue Jays



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